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What is APIN?

The Alberta Projects Improvement Network (APIN) is a cross-industry network of progressive organizations and leaders working together to improve industrial construction practices in Alberta.

APIN works to improve Alberta's and Canada's track record of delivering successful, productive and capital-efficient industrial construction projects. More specifically, APIN and its founding organizations share a common mission to make Alberta's industrial construction sector Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive and Internationally Competitive by 2020. 

We encourage project owners, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and all industrial construction stakeholders to join our network (it's free!). Through this site, you can sign up to become part of the network, access a comprehensive library of industrial construction resources (best practices, case studies, articles, tools and more); connect with other members of the network, and contribute your own ideas, knowledge and lessons to help other improve. Please explore this site to learn more and then join us!



March 20, 2017

SCMA AB White Paper : Supply Chain As A Strategic Asset

How do you go about managing a Supply Chain which is enormous and complicated that is not controlled by a single owner? The answer lies in the concept of “strategic asset” and how it is managed.
June 24, 2016

UofC Report on Lump Sum Contracting in Oil & Gas Capital Projects

The main goal of this report is to study the potential for lump sum contracting and to answer the question whether lump sum contracting increase the efficiency and cost and schedule predictability of on major projects in the Western Canadian oil and gas sector. Download the report here:
March 16, 2017

Patrick Etokudo - Supply Chain Executive of the Year 2017

in News

C-Suite Energy Executive Awards organized by Alberta Oil Magazine, recognizes Canadian energy industry - senior executives, who exemplifies exceptional leadership both inside and outside his/her business. This year, Supply Chain Management Association Alberta was proud to sponsor the Supply Chain Executive of the Year Award.
February 02, 2017

Share Your Safety Expertise

in News

COAA’s Safety Committee is asking for your assistance in helping to assess and analyze the safety culture across the industry. COAA is seeking your expertise to better understand where to focus efforts to improve overall safety performance. COAA’s vision for the industry is to be “Twice as Safe, Twice as…
February 22, 2017

Benchmarking 101 from COAA

in Blog

Interested in learning about Benchmarking? Check out the great information and database of projects available to you.
December 02, 2016

Alberta Construction Magazine Top Projects Award 2016 Winners

in News

At first glance, there may seem to be little similarity between a $600-million arena complex and a small swimming pool in northeastern Alberta, but both projects—like all of the 2016 Top Projects winners—share the same spirit of ambition and ingenuity. Ranging from the downtown cores of Alberta’s largest cities to…
June 24, 2016

UofC Report on Improving Construction Productivity in Oil & Gas Capital Projects

This paper describes the findings of an ongoing research project at the UofC that outlines the most critical aspects that can improve productivity in the delivery of oil and gas construction projects in Alberta. Download here:

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