About APIN

The Alberta Projects Improvement Network (APIN) is a cross-industry, Alberta-based initiative aimed at improving our province’s track record of delivering successful, productive and capital-efficient industrial construction projects.  

Using a variety of methods and channels into the market, APIN is a network to share information, knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned about how to deliver excellent industrial construction projects, which we believe will contribute to making Alberta and Canada an attractive place for industrial investment.

APIN and its founding members share a common mission to make Alberta's Projects Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive and Internationally Competitive by 2020

Why is this Important?

After years of sporadic and often disappointing project delivery performance, the Canadian construction industry has fallen behind many other jurisdictions when it comes to construction productivity. High oil prices allowed over budget and over schedule to become a norm. Industry must now improve - dramatically and quickly - to renew investors' confidence in building industrial projects.

This challenge - and the importance of solving it - is further explored in a special report commissioned by the APIN partners shortly after the creation of APIN:

Special Report: The New Project Era

Who's behind APIN?

Currently, there are four initial founding member organizations behind APIN: 




How We Deliver Value Together

Allowing each member of the Alberta Projects Improvement Network to contribute where their core competencies best lie, the network comes together to facilitate a collaborative movement that will help transform Alberta's construction industry:


Best Practice Development

COAA, SCMA, Consruction Industry Institute (CII) and other partner organizations conduct primary and secondary research to develop new best practices that improve efficiency, productivity and safety in the construction industry.


Demonstration Projects

Best practices get tested and demonstrated in real-life Alberta-based pilot projects by the Project Alignment and Delivery (PAAD) initiatives. Results and lessons are tracked, measured, and documented - then shared in the next step.

Marketing & Implementation

Lessons learned from best practice implementation (as well as other sources) are disseminated into the marketplace through various mediums such as articles, case studies, presentations, webinars, reports, and events.

End Result: World class project delivery!


How can you get involved?

There are a variety of ways you can get involved in the APIN movement and Network.  We've outlined a few ways you can get started below: