Risk Management Pilot Project

Fort Hills

  • Owner: Suncor
  • Contractor: Canonbie Contracting (a division of AECON)


Description: The work group assessed the main process steps of risk management and found that the weakest area was in regular maintenance of a risk mitigation plan – re-assessing the risks and identifying ways to mitigate. This pilot project brings together the Owner, EPC and Contractor in a monthly meeting to review risks (old and new) and identify methods to mitigate and actions are assigned and kept accountable. 

Results to date: This work group found after the second meeting that there were conflicting risks regarding the travel policy of the owner and the shortage of labour for the constructor. They were able to discover this risk and collaboratively resolve it before the issue arose which could have meant a delay in schedule. They have continued meeting monthly and resolving potential issues together since August 2015.