Skills & Competencies Pilot Project

Various Projects


  • Project Leader: Waiward Steel
  • Collaborative Partners: Ironworkers International Local 720 and Local 725, Building Trades of Alberta, Canada West Foundation, and Frifiths Sheppard
  • Work Group Members: Supreme Steel, Mammoet, Jacobs by way of Supreme-Midwest Constructors


Description: Waiward Steel over the last four years developed internally a process for managing competencies supported by a software system they developed. The process involves each employee having a competency profile – a list of what they are competent in with three types of credibility (third party certifications, in-house course training and supervisor-given performance reviews.) The other half of the program is to have a work description for each job that includes the needs for certain competencies. With these two elements, one can create a gap analysis comparing the competencies needed for the job and the competencies of the employee in that position. A Gap analysis would be developed with the intention of building their employee’s competencies and job satisfaction.

The value of this process is when it could potentially become standardized so that competency profiles could be owned by the employee and taken to other companies and therefore reducing duplication of training and assessing efforts of the companies and/or unions. 

The pilot project involves creating competency profile templates for the Ironworkers in collaboration with the Ironworkers International Union. For this project the union owns the competency profiles of their members and dispatches the ironworkers with their competency profile to the employer.


Results to date: The team has successfully launched a cloud-based software with the competency profile template for the Ironworkers International union Local 720 and Local 725. From there they will enter in all the Waiward ironworker’s competency profiles and start filling out their other members as well. The next steps starting are to create profiles for Supreme and Midwest on their own pilot project as well as Mammoet.