But another area with great potential to save costs is in project management. A study released by the Alberta Projects Improvement Network (APIN) in late 2016 shows using project management processes like stage-gating and advanced work packaging could result in major savings in capital costs in developing oilsands projects....Read more here

In 2016, there were 1.5 Workers’ Compensation claims for every 100 people on the job. Edmonton-based company Waiward Steel has made changes to ensure that this trend would not apply to their company. Waiward has improved their safety record by 800 per cent, as a result, they’ve saved 4.6 million hours. Those hours would have been lost due to safety incidents. Their team did it without adding any more safety training; because their approach isn’t just about safety, it’s also about competence.

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Author: Ken Chapman - GO Productivity

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta hosts an annual conference on Best Practices in Edmonton.  As part of the program, they sponsor a range of awards for outstanding contributions and accomplishments in a number of construction industry related roles and responsibilities.

One of those awards is for Individual Contribution in Safety Leadership.  It was a great pleasure for GO Productivity to nominate Waiward Steel’s Chief Operating Officer, Jim Kanerva, for recognition in the COAA 2017 Safety Leadership Award.  We based this nomination on his commitment and outcomes achieved in enhancing workforce competency in the steel fabrication industry in Alberta. 

We are pleased to say that during the COAA conference May 9th and 10th it was announced that Jim was the winner in the Safety Leadership category. To see pictures and read more in the event program click here.

Jim’s contribution and leadership in the GO-PAAD (Project Alignment and Delivery) Working Group was our major reason behind his nomination.  As for safety, his efforts towards improved worker competency through continuous learning and improvement within Waiward, has resulted in them achieving over 4.5 million accumulated man hours without a lost time incident.  We were also struck with Jim’s eagerness and openness in the sharing of that expertise to the PAAD Working Group members, including his competitors. 

Add in his on-going collaboration on improving worker safety through increased on-the-job competency assessment done in conjunction with the Ironworkers Union, at the local levels as well as in the national and international context, it made Jim’s nomination even more compelling.

So join us in congratulating Jim on this well-deserved recognition of his achievement.  He is major force in improving worker safety, project productivity and business competitiveness.  His personal commitment to a culture of continuous learning in worker competency sees his reputation for this work becoming international in scope.  He how is heading up MODOS, a software system and training spin-off from Waiward to take a culture of workforce competency to a wider audience.

All of us in PAAD, Waiward and the Ironworkers Union can take pride in COAA’s recognitions of Jim’s contribution to and accomplishments in worker safety through competency.  



COAA’s Safety Committee is asking for your assistance in helping to assess and analyze the safety culture across the industry. COAA is seeking your expertise to better understand where to focus efforts to improve overall safety performance. COAA’s vision for the industry is to be “Twice as Safe, Twice as Productive by 2020”. A key element in this journey is to understand Alberta’s safety culture and the level of safety maturity across the industry. We invite you to participate in the annual COAA Safety Maturity Survey.

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