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  • COAA Workforce Development Best Practices

    The COAA Workforce Development committee members work toward a vision where Alberta's construction industry has access to a workforce with the right mix of skills at the right time and in the right numbers. They are leading the way when it comes to strategic thinking about Alberta's future workforces, as well as ensuring there are opportunities and respect for all Albertans within the construction industry.

  • COAA Contracting Best Practices

    The COAA Contracting committee is responsible for developing best practices that enhance efficiency and performance for all parties on industrial projects in Alberta. The committee's goal is to offer tools that help contracting parties be clear on the obligations and risks they are about to undertake, and maintain a consistent approach in contract development, preparation and administration in an effort to make contracting in Alberta's construction industry more efficient and cost-effective.

  • COAA Construction Performance Best Practices

    The COAA Construction Performance committee operates under a mandate to improve productivity in heavy industrial construction and industrial maintenance. The committee is developing next-generation tools for advanced work packaging, championing the implementation of workface planning and rework reduction strategies, and developing the tools and the culture for incorporating benchmarking into Alberta construction practices.

  • COAA Best Practice: Advanced Work Packaging


    Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a disciplined approach to improving project productivity and predictability. It accomplishes this by aligning planning and execution activities throughout the project life cycle, from project set-up to start-up and turnover.

  • COAA Best Practice: Module Assembly

    A guideline to assist all module stakeholders in developing their own project-specific module assembly plan. This tool outlines a number of key principles that should be adopted for all module assembly projects.

  • Special Report: The new project era: Aligning capital costs with new market realities

    Working with its APIN partners COAA and GO Productivity, JWN conducted a comprehensive review of research into the factors that contribute to poor project delivery in Alberta, as well as a number of the solutions that have been identified.

  • UofC Report on Improving Construction Productivity in Oil & Gas Capital Projects


    This paper describes the findings of an ongoing research project at the UofC that outlines the most critical aspects that can improve productivity in the delivery of oil and gas construction projects in Alberta.

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