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  • Emerging Technologies

    Author: Ken Chapman - GO Productivity

    GO Productivity Emerging Technologies Survey Results:

    First, thank you for to all those who took time to do our survey on Emerging Technologies.  We are still gathering data from other groups, but we have results we believe are worth sharing.  Recognize this is not a scientific nor statistically valid survey.  It is however an accurate assessment of the replies of those who participated.  Here is what we have learned so far.  I have done some rounding so if you starting adding numbers don’t be surprised if they don’t add up to 100%


  • Improve Productivity and Reduce Carbon Footprints with Mobile Technology

    Doug Junor, GO Productivity Executive in Residence

    Ask your Business Units this: “If we had all the data from the field in an electronic format at the point of collection, how would we be able to use that data to improve the business?”

     The average person uses about 10 mobile applications daily and about 30 monthly. If your remote employees do not have access to electronic mobile applications to help do their work. Are you are missing out on a great productivity opportunity?

  • Budget 2017 Sees Innovation and Competency Keys to Adaptive Work Force

    Interested in how the new 2017 Budget will affect our efforts to improve productivity and safety?


    Check out this blog post: Click Here from our local GO Productivity blogger Ken Chapman.