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  • SCMA AB White Paper : Supply Chain As A Strategic Asset


    How do you go about managing a Supply Chain which is enormous and complicated that is not controlled by a single owner? The answer lies in the concept of “strategic asset” and how it is managed.

  • Strategic Value Chain Leadership and the Five Shifts

    Great changes are afoot in the supply chain management (SCM) world. As a profession, SCM emerged over twenty years ago in the 1990s when the fields of procurement and logistics integrated. Now we are on the doorstep of an even more powerful set of integrative and evolutionary shifts. We call these the “five shifts”. The five shifts are not independent, but highly inter-related and inter-connected – a network of transformative changes in thinking, processes, and skills that are destined to create a bold new future for those supply chain managers willing to progress to the next level.

    This white paper explores and outlines the five shifts, relates them to three stages of supply chain professionalism as one progresses from manager to director to executive, and then suggests some key training areas for future professional development.

  • UofC Report on Lump Sum Contracting in Oil & Gas Capital Projects


    The main goal of this report is to study the potential for lump sum contracting and to answer the question whether lump sum contracting increase the efficiency and cost and schedule predictability of on major projects in the Western Canadian oil and gas sector.

    Download the report here: